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Windyne Fairing Systems has spent over $6 million dollars engineering our premium "Flip and Slide" Flex Fairing; the most effective semi-trailer skirt on the market.

Windyne worked with NASA, SAE, truckers, trailer manufacturers, and designers to engineer, manufacture, and test our superior trailer fairing to achieve the ‘best in class’ fuel and emissions savings, safety benefits, and under trailer access.

Our innovative fairings yield the highest fuel savings from aerodynamics in the trailer fairing market. Windyne Fairing Systems is a leader in the field of semi-trailer aerodynamics.

With the pressure on the trucking industry to reduce fuel consumption, emissions, and costs and to increase safety, Windyne provides the industry’s best solutions to meet all these demands with our uniquely designed "Flip and Slide" Flex Fairing.

Our premium "Flip and Slide" Flex Trailer Skirts are manufactured in North America and available to ship around the world.

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