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An Overview of Windyne Fairing System's "Flip and Slide" Trailer Skirt

This video describes many features of the Windyne Fairing System. Our NEW and revised fairing system has improved versions of some of these features.


Product Features and Benefits


Maximum Fuel Savings (Average 10%)

Image: Most Customers Average 10% Fuel Savings with Windyne Fairings Most Customers Average 10% Fuel Savings with Windyne Fairings

Windyne Fairing System's trailer skirts have delivered proven Fuel Savings of between 8% to 14% as reported by our customers. Fuel savings are dependent upon a variety of driving situations, with our customer average hovering around 10% Fuel Savings.

Our innovative Fairing Design ('telescoping' slide feature and unique flex skirt) allow our fairings to 'slide' with the tandem wheels through various load positions, while maintaining close to *4 inches of ground clearance for Maximum Coverage at all times.

Maximum Aerodynamic Coverage means Maximum Fuel Savings to you!

It really is that simple.

* Fuel Savings reported on this website are based on Actual Customers' Real World Test Results!
* Best Fuel Savings are reported during "long-haul" trucking scenarios.


Full Access Flip Feature

Windyne Fairings provide Maximum Undercarriage Access in 30 Seconds - Animated Image Windyne Fairings provide Maximum Undercarriage Access in 30 Seconds - Animated Image
Maximum Undercarriage Access in 30 Seconds

Windyne's advanced 'flip and slide' trailer fairing is the only side skirt that vertically retracts to provide maximum accessibility to the undercarriage.

Vertical retraction, or Flip, allows our fairing to be folded up against the trailer body, giving drivers unrestricted access to the undercarriage in as little as 30 seconds.

Only 35 Lbs of lift is required to raise the fairing before gas shocks kick-in to finish lifting the fairing to its final upright position.

* Helpful for Border Inspections, backing into sloped docks, avoiding large obstacles, etc.


Fairing Slides with your Axles

Windyne Fairings Maximize Coverage during varyious Load Positions - Animated Image Windyne Fairings Maximize Coverage during varyious Load Positions - Animated Image
Maximizes Coverage during various Load Positions

Our 'flip and slide' flex trailer skirt provides a "telescoping" horizontal slide feature that allows the fairings to 'slide' with the tandem wheels to maximize coverage during various load positions

The 'Slide' Feature also provides Quick Access to the Undercarriage of the Trailer.


Engineered Flex Skirt bends with Obstacles

Skirt bends for Maximum Coverage and Flexibility - Animated Image Skirt bends for Maximum Coverage and Flexibility - Animated Image
Side Skirt bends for Maximum Coverage and Flexibility

The lower portion of Windyne Fairing System's Side Skirt bends with obstacles to prevent damage to the fairing.

Provides close to *4 inches of ground clearance for Maximum Aeordynamic Benefit.

Reduces Road Spray and Debris - protecting other Motorists, Cyclists, and Pedestrians.

The flexible skirt (covering the bottom 12 inches of the Windyne flex fairing) reaches to about *4 inches from the road while flexing against obstructions during access to driveway entrances, railroad crossings, street curbs, and other common obstacles faced every day in the trucking industry.

Trailer Fairings may also be flipped up when dealing with extremely large obstacles or steep ramps.


Quick Access Panels provide Easy Access to Equipment

Sliding Panel Provides Quick Access to Common Equipment - Animated Image Sliding Panel Provides Quick Access to Common Equipment - Animated Image
Quick Access to Common Equipment

Both sides of the fairing have Front, "Quick Access" Panels that provide Quick and Easy Access to equipment such as Jacks and Reefer Tanks.

The driver has another way to access common equipment in addition to vertically 'flipping' the fairing to its upright position.

Simply grab the handle of the Quick Access Panel, Release the Catch, and Pull!

Useful for when only partial access is needed or in tight spots where the driver is not able to "Flip" the Side Fairing.

* Designed for quick access to most commonly used areas, such as: Trailer Jack, Reefer Fuel Tank, Spare Tire, Belly Box, etc. - and for "tight spots" that do not have room to flip the fairing to its upright position.


Maximum "Stand-Alone" Return on Investment (ROI)

Image: With Windyne Fairings Purchasing Additional Fuel Saving Devices is NOT NECESSARY! Additional Fuel Saving Devices are NOT NECESSARY!

Why Purchase Multiple Fuel Saving Devices to become EPA SmartWay and Carb Compliant?

Windyne Fairing Systems exceed the minimum 5% Fuel Reduction Legislation by nearly double - Without the Use of *Additional Fuel Saving Devices!

It has been found that in order to maintain the 5% fuel reduction requirements, some truckers who have purchased "fixed" style trailer fairings are having to employ additional fuel saving methods to remain compliant with the regulations.

In fact, many "fixed" fairings may fall as low as 2% fuel savings when the rear tandem wheels are not in the forward 'city driving' position, leaving a large gap between the fairing and the wheels when driving with the axle in the rear position. This fixed fairing gap creates significant turbulence and drag when the tandems are in the rear position.

Windyne "Flip and Slide" flex fairings are the real deal.

Our quoted 8% to 14% fuel savings were reported by actual truckers during 'real world' driving scenarios and without the use of *additonal fuel saving devices.

You can certainly purchase additional fuel saving devices to really maximize your trailer fuel savings - but, with Windyne "Stand-Alone" Fairings - you don't need to... to be Smartway compliant!

Our Fairings are not only Smartway and Carb compliant, but provide an excellent Return on Investment (ROI) for years to come.

* Windyne's Reported Fuel Savings were achieved without the use of "Additional Fuel Saving Devices" such as: Gap Fairings, Boat Tails, Truck Fairings, Frictionless Tires, etc.


Improved Handling and Control

Image: Our Fairings provide Maximum Aerodynamic Benefit which Greatly Improves Handling and Control Maximum Aerodynamic Benefit Greatly Improves Handling and Control

Maximum Fairing Coverage means Maximum Aerodynamic Benefit, which not only Maximizes Fuel Savings but Greatly Improves the Control and Handling of the Trailer and its load.

Fixed Fairing Solutions can leave Large Gaps between the tandem wheels and the side fairing during various load positions, which causes wind turbulence and drag. This not only reduces Fuel Savings (as low as 2%) but increases wear on the engine and drive train while reducing control and handling of the trailer.

Customers are reporting that Windyne 'Flip & Slide' Flex Fairings stabilize trailers in cross-winds and reduce roll-overs better than conventional trailer fairings.


"Full Coverage" Means Improved Safety

Image: Windyne Fairings Maximize Safety in Several Categories Maximizes Motorist and Pedestrian Safety

Windyne's Full Coverage Fairings improve Safety to Motorists and Pedestrians!

     *  Reduces the risk of cyclists, pedestrians, or small animals falling under the wheels of the trailer.
     *  Extra-low ground clearance reduces road spray and debris to other Motorists, Cyclists, and Pedestrians.
     *  Reduces Turbulence and Improves Visibility to other Motorists.



Sturdy construction means less chance of impact related damage.

Our engineered Flex Fairings are designed to withstand the hottest and coldest temperatures in North America, which means there is less chance of weather related problems. i.e. "Some Fixed Fairing owners have reported that lower quality fixed fairings may have pieces break and fly off into traffic which can be both an insurance and liability issue with using them."

Improved Handling and Control can lead to Less Accidents and Less Driver Stress and Fatigue.


Maximum Emissions Reduction for "Green" Trucking

Image: Windyne Fairings are EPA SmartWay and Carb Compliant Windyne Fairing Systems are EPA SmartWay and Carb Compliant

Reducing our "carbon footprint" on the planet is the direction of the future.

Windyne's industry-leading fuel savings delivers the greatest reduction in emissions.

Saving an average of 10% of diesel fuel over 100,000 miles at 6 miles per gallon results in 1,667 gallons of fuel savings.

Saving 10% of diesel fuel over 100,000 miles also results in Reducing CO2 Emissions by 37,300 pounds per 100,000 miles.

With California and Quebec already mandating Aerodynamic Fuel Reductions of 5%, devices such as Windyne Flex Fairings are mandatory.

It is only a matter of time before other states and provinces enact similar regulations. Our Flex Fairings not only keep our trucking companies compliant with the regulations, they regularly exceed the Smartway minimum requirement of 5% fuel reductions by nearly double.

Maximizing Fuel Savings means Maximizing Emissions Reduction - something worth doing and promoting to your customers.

Become EPA SmartWay and Carb Compliant today!


Reduced Wear & Tear on the Engine & Transmission

Image: Windyne Fairings Save You Money by Reducing Vehicle Wear and Tear Save Money by Reducing Vehicle Wear and Tear

Save Money on Repairs by Reducing Wear on your Truck Engine and Drive Train!

Maximum Aerodynamic Trailer Coverage at all times means Reduced Turbulence and Drag!

Reducing turbulence and drag means your truck won't work as hard when pulling a trailer equipped with a Windyne 'Flip and Slide' trailer skirt - Saving You Money on Repairs while Increasing the Lifespan of your Tractor!


Reduced Driver Fatigue and Stress

Image: Windyne Fairings Improve Trailer Handling and Control, which reduces Driver Stress & Fatigue Improved Handling and Control reduces Driver Stress & Fatigue

Excessive Stress and Driver Fatigue can occur during poor driving conditions - and even more so when you're fighting with your trailer during high winds.

You not only need to worry about your own well-being and safety, but the safety of your load as well.

Our Full Coverage Fairings provide the best Aeordynamic Solution on the market by covering the largest trailer surface area possible.

Windyne trailer skirts greatly reduce wind resistence, turbulence, and drag beneath the trailer and improve control and handling considerably.

Improved Handling and Control means a "stable trailer" and that means reduced Driver Stress and Fatigue!


Ease of Removal or Replacement

Image: Unique Pin System provides Quick Removal and Replacement of Fairings Unique Pin System provides Quick Removal and Replacement of Fairings

Most Fixed Fairing Solutions are attached to the trailer by a myriad of bolts, which can be quite tedious and time consuming to install or remove.

Windyne Flex Fairings are attached with a simple system of 4 pins per fairing.

In the event of an accident or damage to the fairing, the trailer skirt may simply be removed by knocking out the 4 pins to drop the fairing - a process that takes less than 30 minutes to complete.

The fairing may then be placed in the back of the trailer while the driver carries on his/her way.


Reduced Mud, Ice, and Snow Build-Up

Image: Windyne Fairings Reduce Build-Up of Ice, Snow, and Grime Reduces Build-Up of Ice, Snow, and Grime

Mud, Ice, and Snow Build-Up on your fairings can create excessive weight that negatively impacts fuel savings, while causing excessive wear on the fairing itself and increased stopping distance.

Windyne's unique fairing design does not allow for "positive" surfaces in the "down" position during normal highway operation - all surfaces are slightly angled, which greatly reduces the build-up of ice, snow, and grime on our fairings.

Our fairing panels are also constructed from a smooth Poly-Carbonate material that further reduces common collection areas.

Reduced build-up means less wear on the fairing and increased fuel-savings over the long-haul!


Professional, Sleek Look

Image: Windyne Fairings enhance Tractor and Trailer Presentation Enhances Overall Tractor and Trailer Presentation

A great deal of time and care went into the design of Windyne "flip and slide" Flex Fairings.

Over 6 Million Dollars was invested to not only provide the Best Functionality, Greatest Surface Area Coverage, and Best Fuel and Emissions Savings - but to also give our fairings a Professional, Stream-lined look that enhances the overall tractor and trailer presentation.

We think you'll be as proud as we are when you drive with the Best Looking Fairing on the Market!


Product Summary

The single most important benefit that makes Windyne an industry leader is the fact that we deliver significant fuel savings resulting in the reduction of fuel emissions.

With safety in mind, the full bottom coverage fairing naturally creates smoother airflow, reducing road spray to provide better visibility for the driver and other motorists and the prevention of safety mishaps involving cyclists, pedestrians, and small children.

Fuel costs can be a deal breaker for trucking companies that want to remain competitive in today’'s economy. We can confidently state, that under realistic driving conditions, the Windyne fairing will often result in exceptional fuel and emission savings.

Well documented customer fuel logs reporting 8% to 14% fuel savings confirm that Windyne's advanced Flip & Slide Flex Fairing outperforms any other fairing on the market today.

Statistics currently show that the average mileage experienced in the industry is 6 miles per gallon. The majority of smaller operators will travel at least 100,000 miles in a year. At 6 miles per gallon this represents 16,667 gallons per year. Using 10% as our proven average represents an annual saving of 1,667 gallons per fairing. At a base price of diesel of US $3.00/gallon, the average annual fuel savings per trailer would be US $5,000.00.

On top of the fuel savings, saving 1,667 gallons of diesel per year will reduce CO2 emissions by a total of 37,300 pounds per trailer per year!

To put this into perspective, imagine 25% or 350,000 US long haul trailers outfitted with the Windyne fairing saving 75 Million dollars, and reducing annual emissions by 5.9 Million Metric Tons of C02 every year!

Clearly the economic benefits of using fairings are too important for the industry to ignore. As the economy recovers, increased fuel prices are expected. The use of a Windyne Flex Fairing is a great solution to an everyday reality of rising costs.

Over time the trucking industry will likely be facing additional legislation to adopt fuel-saving measures of various kinds. In 2010, California mandated a trailer aerodynamic fuel reduction of 5%, often requiring a combination of fixed fairings and low resistance tires to meet the 5% target.

Quebec has adopted the same standards.

The Windyne fairing is the only aerodynamic device that complies with these regulations with one straight-forward installation, and without the use of additional fuel saving devices.

*4 inch ground clearance provided by our fairings is dependent upon trailer height.

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