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Terms and Conditions

Usage of Website

We certify that our website is intended as an information website or online brochure for Windyne 'Flip and Slide' Flex Trailer Fairings and was created to advertise and promote the product(s) / services provided by our company.

Common internet standards are adhered to in regards to client usage and data collection.

We do not collect client information for the purpose of "spamming" or "phishing" or any other malicious endeavor - users concerned with online privacy may view our: Privacy Policy here.

Protection of Content

All content, which may include sales copy / text, images, videos, programming code, modules (hereafter referred to as "content" or "the content"), is protected under Federal and Provincial Copyright Laws and may not be used or "borrowed" without the (previously mentioned) copyright owners written consent.

Viewing on a Mobile Device

Our website is designed to be "responsive" to mobile devices and is therefore available on all tablets, smart phones, etc.

Please note:

When viewing our website on mobile devices, all content (including: videos and images) must be downloaded to your local device in order to be viewed and interacted with.

We have made every effort to optimize our content for speed of access and to lower bandwidth when downloading, however - excessive downloading of content from our website (or any other website!) may negatively impact the users data plan with their local service provider.

Users who are concerned about data usage on their mobile device may wish to connect to their local network (LAN or WAN) or a SAFE PUBLIC NETWORK before accessing our website.

Windyne cannot be responsible for the users data usage when accessing our website via mobile devices.


Privacy Policy

Windyne Fairing Systems is a local business and may require standard information to complete physical purchase transactions or to contact our customers.

What types of Info does Windyne Collect

Information such as: Client Name, Telephone Number (Cellular, Work, etc.), Email Address, Mailing or Business Address, or Credit Card Info - may be required to place a deposit, complete a sales transaction, to ship our product, or to communicate with the customer.

Is My Info Protected?

All info collected is for the sole use of Windyne Fairing Company.

Windyne, does not sell, give, or make client information available to third parties, mailing lists, online marketing companies, etc. for the use of unsolicited contact. We dislike Spam as much as you do!

Windyne reserves the right to provide occasional emails to our customers to inform them of pertinent company news, including: changes to website, company info, product info and product sales.

Customers who wish to be excluded from such mailings can simply notify us by phone, or send us an Email with the subject line: "Unsubscribe Me." Be sure to include the email that you wish to have Unsubscribed if differnt from the current email used to contact us.

For Questions or Concerns regarding our Terms and Conditions or our Privacy Policy:
Please Contact Windyne!