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Owner Operator: Case Study

Greg Decker, Triple Decker Tansport:

Image: Greg and Danelle Testimonial Greg and Dannelle Decker

Taken from Greg Decker's Endorsement Letter
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"A regular trip I have is from Calgary AB to Edinburg TX (through Lamar CO and San Angelo TX). I have done this trip six times since last summer. The length of the trip is 2302 miles with the weight between 76,000 lbs and 78,000 lbs. The fuel mileage averages I had achieved were 5.85 mpg, 5.69 mpg, 5.79 mpg, 5.67 mpg and what I thought was an outstanding average on the last trip of 6.09 mpg. This last trip was with no wind for the whole trip and we all know what the odds of no wind in Wyoming are! I just finished this trip again with my Windyne Flex Fairings installed. As usual I was in a crosswind situation for over half the miles. When I fueled in Edinburg TX I had achieved 6.53 mpg. Since my normal average trip was 5.75 mpg, I was smiling at everyone. I had saved 48 gallons of fuel in just over three days."


Image: Greg Decker Demonstrating Vertical Retraction Decker Demonstrating Vertical Retraction

Truck Driver Approved

As owner operator Greg Decker has meticulously tracked his fuel performance after every tankful for seven years, he says his commitiment has made a difference. "I was concerned that I would not get Windyne's SAE Type II savings of 6.86% so I planned on getting a 5% improvement when we purchased the fairings. The fairings soon proved that 6.86% was too low and I was experiencing an 8.94% improvement." Decker says his Windyne skirts savings on an annual basis have risen to about $7,000 from $4,400 last fall. "With an expected life cycle of 10 years, my total dollar savings (at today's fuel prices) will be approximately $39,000."

"It has been 12 months since we put the Windyne Flex Fairings on and (we) would NEVER own a trailer again without them!"


Image: Greg Decker has averaged between 9% and 14% Fuel Savings using his Windyne Flex Fairings Greg Decker has averaged between 9% and 14% Fuel Savings using his Windyne Flex Fairings


Test Results from other Transport Companies:

Image: Schultz Transportation logo
Image: GM Freight logo
Image: Gordon Trucking logo
Image: Swift Trucking logo


The following are "Real World Results" from real companies (Schultz Transportation, GM Freight, Gordon Trucking and Swift Trucking) done independently from us. Have a look at some of the numbers in the Higher Ranges: 10.2%, 17.3%, 25%. Some companies had a hard time believing their own test results, and in some cases the higher values were simply discarded as corrupt data or "too good to be true!"

Trial - Short distance results:

Image: Transport Companies Short Distance Results Some Companies had a Hard Time Believing their Own Test Results


Highest SAE Test Rating:

Image: SAE Rating of 6.8% Windyne Acheived an SAE Rating of 6.8%

Windyne Fairing Systems is proud to have achieved an SAE Type II savings of 6.86% (nearly double that of some of our competitors).

It has come to our attention that some SAE Test results from Fixed Fairing Companies may have been achieved by using other Fuel Saving Devices, such as Boat Tails, Gap Fairings, Frictionless Tires... etc...

For the record we will state that Our SAE RATING was achieved with ONLY our Windyne Flex Fairings in operation, and WITHOUT the use of any Additional Fuel Saving Devices.